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Marquees and Pavilions

We have a range of sizes and options available for Marquee hire, and we don’t charge extra for weddings!

If you are not sure what exactly you need for your function, please feel free to call and talk to one of our staff, and they will help you with ideas as to what you may require to make your party a successful one. The size, style and configuration depends on a number of factors, the most important being how many people you need the marquee for, if its for seated or standing dining, and the placement of the marquee.

Marquees can be erected to suit your needs. They can be free standing, or up against a shed or pergola. We can also place multiple marquees in the best configurations to get the maximum use out of them.

The most asked question

Whats the difference between a pavilion and a marquee?

A pavilion is most structurally sound, its 2.4 metres tall at the sides up to 4.5 metres at the peak (depending on the size). Its bigger, taller and less breezy than a marquee.

A marquee is still a viable option for a smaller function, whilst a pavilion is ideal for weddings. A marquee is 2 metres tall at the side, up to 3.5 metres at the peak (depending on the size).

It all comes down to your tastes and requirements, and our experienced team can help you decide if you are unsure.


How Tall Are The Marquees?

The height of the marquee at the sides is 2.1M, increasing to 3.5M to 4M at the peak of the roof. If you have any trees or over hanging branches where the marquee is to go, they need to be pruned to allow the marquee to fit.

How Many Walls Are Included?

Our Marquees are supplied with a roof and three sides. For a surcharge, we can provide extra walls, clear walls, or even arched walls.

How Much Space Do I Need For A Marquee?

We need an extra metre around each marquee so that we can erect it safely. The area where the marquee is to go, as well as access to the site, needs to be clear of any obstacles or clutter. Delays to our staff will incur extra charges.

How To You Secure The Marquees?

If we cannot put pegs into the ground to secure the marquee, weights are used, at a cost of $10 per weight. We reserve the right to cancel marquees if extreme weather conditions are forecast. This would only happen if a marquee is to be weighted in an exposed area with extreme winds forecast.

How Much Is Delivery?

Delivery charges do apply, and prices do not include delivery.

Can I Decorate The Marquee?

You are welcome to decorate, however keep in mind that any crepe paper product such as streamers, party poppers or confetti, are not permitted in the marquee as they stain the material once they get wet. Once stained, the marquee material cannot be cleaned and must be replaced, with this cost being borne by the hirer. It’s not only rain that causes the marquee to get wet, but condensation as well.

Can I Have A BBQ In The Marquee?

Open fires and cooking of BBQ’s are not permitted in, or near, the marquee, as the smell of the smoke is absorbed by the marquee material. 

What Are The Payment Terms?

Delivery is not included. A NON-REFUNDABLE booking fee is required within 7 days of order dependent on the total of your hire, with full payment required before delivery or on the day of pickup. Please note that these fees may change seasonally in line with higher demands (especially with Pavilion hire).

When Should I Book?

When booking your hire goods for your function, it’s a good idea to book it 2-3 weeks ahead, to ensure that you get what you require. If your function is in the months of March, October, November, or on Christmas Day, it is strongly recommended that you book as early as possible, as these are our busiest times. Should you require, you CAN book 12 months ahead. Please note, we do not charge extra for weddings.

When Are Marquees Delivered?

Deliveries are done on Thursdays or Fridays, while pick-ups can be done on Fridays and Saturday mornings. All goods are collected, or are to be returned, by 4pm Mondays.

All equipment must be returned cleaned, or a cleaning fee will be charged to the hirer. The hirer will be charged the replacement cost for any breakages, or the repair cost of damaged goods.